Iain Armstrong ACTOR

Regional Theatre:

Crucible, Sheffield, No Good Friday; Peterborough, Aladdin; Chester, The Taming of the Shrew; Leatherhead, The Adventures of Don Quixote; Ludlow, Henry V; Chichester, The Power and the Glory; Northampton, Much Ado About Nothing; Ipswich, The Caretaker; Perth, Black Comedy, The Real Inspector Hound.

Iain Armstrong ACTOR AJTC Theatre Company

Iain Armstrong

Photograph © Toby Long 2015


English Theatre Company, Stockholm, A Christmas Carol; Jill Freud, A Man For All Seasons touring Pakistan; Theatre Set- Up, Twelfth Night, Western Europe and Sarajevo International Theatre Festival

Film and television:

Dr. Who, King Lear, The Bill, Crime Monthly, Robin of Sherwood, Dracula, The Killing Zone


ajtc theatre company: Beside Picasso, The Tempest, The Book of Miracles, Red Sun, The Gardener, On The Black Hill, Wedding Story, Scarecrow, Bin Men;

Century Theatre, Hobson’s Choice; Temba, The Blood Knot; Vanessa Ford, The Merchant of Venice; Pirate Jenny, Sir is Winning; Theatre Set-Up, Hamlet and Measure for Measure; Wildcard Theatre Company, Macbeth, Henry V and Insignificance

Community and Young People’s:

Zap, Bracknell; Theatre Centre; Young National Trust; Nottingham Roundabout; Wolsey T.I.E., Ipswich


Piccadilly, A Christmas Carol; Arts Theatre, Temba; Royal National Theatre, Beside Picasso; Young Vic, Danton’s Death; Old Red Lion, Sweeney Agonistes


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