Wedding Story Synopsis

Download the programme here... (pdf 1.3MB PDF)

The audience comes in to find two storytellers sitting amongst the debris of a wedding party. The storytellers are the Bhadkin ( Jewish tradition – wedding entertainer) and a musician. They are not necessarily getting on very well.

They have a story to tell about the wedding. It is a story told to them by a little boy.

Everyone was having a wonderful time dancing, laughing and eating. There were lots of speeches and toasts to the bride and groom. On the table there was a beautiful wedding cake.

The storytellers entertained everyone with their music, stories, juggling, jokes, and tricks. It was a lovely, happy, party!

But - under the table, hidden behind the tablecloth, feeling miserable and alone was the little boy. He didn’t want anybody to know he was there – not his mum, not his granny and especially not his new step-dad.

Using puppets, music, animation, projection and magic the audience hears how the little boy works out his fears and problems He retreats into a story-land of Giants, Queens and pickled onions where a brave little boy sets off on a perilous and difficult journey to rescue the beautiful queen from the Giant’s dark and gloomy castle.

Armed with his wooden sword and a mysterious box he makes the perilous climb up layer upon layer towards the castle. He meets strangely familiar characters who offer advice and gifts that will help when he gets to his destination.

On the top layer - at the castle door he confronts the Giant!

The things he learns from this story help the little boy come to terms with his fears and problems so that he can come out from under the table to join the wedding party.

This production is supported by Arts Council England.

Government statistics show that currently 47% of young children have to cope with major changes in their immediate family group. We want to explore the ways in which young children deal with this experience.

For bookings and information contact:

Penny Breakwell
29, Exton Rd.
Nottingham NG5 1HA

Tel. 0115 9603236

Download the programme here... (pdf 1.3MB PDF)

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