Reviews of Beside Picasso

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Beside Picasso

These two are fantastic... Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Beside Picasso 4

The duel between the two is absorbing and explosive. Alan Saddler, The Stage

Armstrong is an irascible and sharp-edged Picasso, ...while Jasper portrays the long-suffering Sabartes... Chris Leadbetter, The Evening Standard

The fiery world of Picasso sparks to life in Brian McAvera's absorbing drama... Grania McFadden, The Belfast Telegraph Lyric Theatre

Mercurially they swop roles, and also play all the other characters, including eight of the women most central to Picasso's life... Plymouth Evening Herald

Beside Picasso 1  

...some of the raunchiest sex scenes you are ever likely to see. Alan Hamilton, Thame Sports and Arts Centre

...a fascinating, and oft hilarious two-hander about the nature of art, friendship, genius and celebrity. The Irish Times

    Moving... Uncompromising... Absolutely compelling...Toad, BBC Three Counties Radio
A theatrical tour de force Richard Demarco, The Scotsman
Beside Picasso 7
...tightly written.... excellent actors... go and see this gem. Thelma Good, The Edinburgh Guide
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