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Red Sun nothing else currently on show...

Michael Billington, from The Guardian

Red Sun 2  
Red Sun 2

Mythical and archetypal...  

David Rudkin WRITER of Red Sun

Red Sun 1  
Red Sun 4

...the corrupting effects of power and the horrors of war...

Rebecca Gilbert, from Bristol Evening Post

...a carefully layered performance...

Lorraine McCann, from

Red Sun 4  
  Red Sun 4

...his creation is a deliberate expression of his inner rage...

Timothy Ramsden, from Reviews Gate

...a brutish Frankenstein who learns a basic language...

Steve Wright, from Venue

Red Sun 1  

...Is God trying to get rid of us, or have we killed off God?...

Sue Le Blond, from the Bath Chronicle

...the myth teaches us that in creating and teaching another human being, we only recreate ourselves...

Steve Cramer from The List, interviewing David Rudkin


Red Sun 4

  Red Sun 2

...engagingly performed...

Sam Marlowe from Times Online First Night Reviews

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