The Tempest
The Tempest 2004- NOW BOOKING

By William Shakespeare

Director: Geoff Bullen

Performers: Mick Jasper and Iain Armstrong

Adapted for and directed by: Geoff Bullen

Original score: Tot Taylor

Sound (text): Colin Brown

Design: Maz Bullen

Poster Design: David O'Connor

The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Design ©2001 David O’Connor

Download the Technical Specifications:

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An old man is comatose and near death...the play of The Tempest is his last living second, a time in which his loss is assuaged and his enemies forgiven.

’s darkly-shaded slant on the drama is directed by Geoff Bullen, Shakespeare expert and specialist in new work for the stage, with an extensive score commissioned from the internationally renowned, award-winning composer Tot Taylor. With an enchanting mesh of mime, masking, movement, and the music of voice, the two actors conjure storms and apparitions, lay bare treasons and counterplot, and finally transport you to a ‘brave new world’ of love and reconciliation.

The production has toured twice, once in the autumn of 2001 to over 30 venues throughout the UK and Holland and once in the spring of 2004, taking in venues in south-east England and Cumbria.

Minimal, magical and not to be missed...

The Tempest CD (TWEED CD 13) is now on sale through all major retail outlets.


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