The Book of Miracles Comment & Evaluation Sheet The Book of Miracles

Some comments & evaluations from our initial tour to Nottinghamshire schools, Kendal Arts Centre & the Half Moon Theatre, London.

Comments about the Book of Miracles

'Excellent performance which completely captivated the interest of the children.'

'Our children were greatly enthused by what they experienced. They enjoyed the stimulating context and would be very keen to welcome you back.'

'Thank you for, yet again, a superb performance. The children loved the performance and were very impressed, along with the teachers with the versatility of the actors– a good lesson on characterisation/ character study followed.'

'A very enjoyable afternoon. The faces of the children said it all.'

'Preparation for teachers was wonderful, thank you. Have used work centred around 'Book of Miracles' for our Book Week assembly.'






Evaluations of the Book of Miracles


Yes for a majority
Yes for a few
Yes for some
Was the performance a valid cultural & aesthetic experience for your class?
90 %
10 %
0 %
Having seen the performance were your class keen to discuss ideas from the play?
80 %
20 %
0 %
Was the subject matter appropriate for the age & experience of your class?
80 %
20 %
0 %
Was the performance appropriate for your curriculum needs?
100 %
0 %
0 %
Were you able to utilise the interest of the pupils in the development of classroom work?
80 %
20 %
0 %





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