Reviews & Comments - On The Black Hill

On The Black Hill

by Bruce Chatwin

A wholly enchanting and moving production

A Spell-binding Evening

The skills of all three performers brought On the Black Hill vibrantly alive. They fully deserved the five curtain calls demanded by an audience who had just seen a magical and sensitive portrayal of a past age.
Review: (extract) Corris Institiwt

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Thank you for a great night.
Chris & Avril, Scalford Village Hall

The addition of the cello music was inspired.   It was never intrusive but only served to enhance what was a quality night of theatre. Thank you.
Nancy and Ian Blood, Eastbourne


So moving and emotive of that beautiful story.
Jim, Tewkesbury

That was absolutely superb.
Chloe, Old village, Northants


Probably the best show this hall has seen since it was built (sic 1929).
Chairman of trustees, Cwmyoy
I am from Brecon and I know the book. You have struck such a chord in me. Thank you.
I was transfixed from beginning to end.
Viv, Haslemere

It is very, very good. When are you coming back?
Venue Manager, Haslemere

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The show was very moving and made you want to read the book on which it was based. It was received very enthusiastically.
Jim McCarthy, Theatre & Performance Department, Trinity College Carmarthen

Performers Iain Armstrong and Mick Jasper switched generation, personality and even sex in the twinkling of an eye so successfully that an enthusiastic audience entered the strange, moving and often dark world of Mid-Wales where their characters lived and died. At the back of the stage, the cello of Hattie Bennett punctuated and commented on the action, heightening the emotion and underlining the play's twists and turns.

It was a real pleasure to see and chat to you after the show. I hope the rest of the tour is received with similar enthusiasm. I was sometimes reminded of the heady days when I'd go to review Peter Cheesman's work at Stoke on Trent.

Robin Gregory, reviewing the production and writing to the company, Under Ground Theatre, Eastbourne
An extraordinarily good script.
Mick Collins, Rose Theatre, Kidderminster
Very cleverly adapted from the novel.
Alan Cheeseman, Sutton
  So clearly and cleverly directed.
Graham Christopher, Sutton
Such a clever piece of theatre. You tell a complex story with such clarity and warmth. I will read the book again.
Barbara, Oswestry

Intense, warm, exciting, cultured. Brilliant adaptation and great to see it here. Inspiring.

Superlative. Really, really grateful and impressed! Wonderful characterisation.

One of the best productions we have seen here. It is so wonderful to see 'proper theatre' here on our doorstep.

Audience evaluation Whatton in the Vale, Notts

Very innovative. Excellent acting and production. The cello added significantly to the atmosphere.
Arts Alive tour

I am sure you felt the genuine warmth of appreciation from our audience who loved every minute of your very clever and imaginative performances. Thank you for coming to our village hall and playing your part in bringing live entertainment to the heart of the community.
FW Payne (Village Ventures co-ordinator, Sutton-cum-Lound)

All of the school and community groups that attended the production had a fabulous time watching this dramatically moving account of the relationship and entwining lives of two brothers set in a rural Welsh community.
Justin Keeper, Gateshead Council

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Wonderful characterisation, one of the best productions we have seen at the Theatre. The cello added significantly to the atmosphere.
Market Theatre, Ledbury

Ideally suited for small venues.
Machynlleth Tabernacle Trust


A fabulous night.
Jamie Rees, Venue Manager, Neath Little Theatre, Neath

The play was fantastic and the acting phenomenal!!   We were kept immersed in the action from the first pot of tea to the final curtain call.
Tony and Elizabeth Sykes, audience, Market Theatre, Ledbury

So clever. I was with Rosie by the stream, on that farm, standing in front of the tribunal. I could see the mountains and feel the cold. This is a beautiful adaptation and the three of you tell it so well that we are inside the story. Thank you so much.
Audience member, Wing, Rutland

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